The Road To Happiness

February 5, 2018

The Road to Happiness

Walk with God and you cannot mistake the road; you will have infallible wisdom to direct you, permanent love to comfort you, and eternal power to defend you”. ~ Spurgeon. 


Although people travel different roads to reach a location, Psalm 1 states that in life there is really only two roads. “High way and low way”. It clearly differentiates between these 2 paths. One road leads to blessing, the other to cursing. Accordingly, the Psalm is a “wisdom song”. It gives guidance on how to live a Godly life. Like a clearly marked entrance to the path of righteousness, it serves as an introduction to the entire book of Psalms, directing all travelers on the path to God’s blessedness. 


1. The Way of the Godly (v. 1-3) 


a. He is satisfied in the Lord (blessed is the man) 

“Blessed” means an overflowing joy and full contentment in the Lord. This word is mentioned 44 times in the O.T. 25 in the book of Psalms. 


b. He is Separated from the world (1.b) 


1. Refusing secular beliefs (…walk not…) 

Refusing the worldview of man at the center. 

2. Refusing Sensual Behavior (…Nor stands…) 

Refusing the lure to participate in carnal activities and sensual living. (living to please self) 

3. Refusing Sinful Bonds (…not sit…) 

Avoiding close relationships w/ those that mock God. Because “bad company corrupts good character”. 


C. He is Saturated With The Word (v. 2-3) 


a. Delighting in the Word (v. 2a) 

the person who knows true joy reads ad relishes God’s word 


b. Dwelling Upon the Word (2b) 

Hunger for God’s Word is an indication of new life in Christ, this appetite for God’s word leads him to meditate upon Hid word day and night. 


C. Drawing from the word (v. 3) 

1. Stability (planted) 

2. Productivity (brings forth fruit) 

3. Consistency (leaf shall not whither) 

4. Prosperity (shall prosper) 


The test is simple…are we satisfied in the Lord, separated from the world and saturated in the Word. 

Are those qualities that are found in our lives


II. The Way of the Ungodly


A. He is Corrupted Internally (v.4)


1. They are useless like the chaff


2. They are unstable like the chaff


B. He is Condemned Eternally (v. 5-6)


They will not “stand in the judgment”…meaning they will not experience God’s acceptance.   They will be eternally separated from the righteous.


In verse 6, the word “perish” (abad) means to undergo destruction.  Abad is significant here because it is the word used to describe the loss of strength and knowledge, the decline of nations.  Is also applied to the destruction of pagan gods and idols.  When used about the destruction after death, it speaks of a unending, eternal destruction that never ended.  




Martin Lloyd-Jones tells about a traveler in Ireland that once stopped to ask a man working on the side of the road for directions. The traveler asked “if you were going to Dublin, how which way would you go?”  To which the man replied “I wouldn’t go there from here”.  Many people want to start from some other place than where they are in order to be where they want to be.  Truth is, we must start from where we are now if we are to reach our desired destination.  So it is in the spiritual life as well.  Many people want to enter the way of the Godly, but they procrastinated, putting it off for another time, waiting to be in some other place in life.  They want to start from somewhere other than where they are.

If a person is to enter the way of the Lord, he must enter from where he is.  He must face his sin, confessing it for what it is, and turn to the Lord by faith.  Anyone traveling the broad road of the wicked may enter the way of the righteous, but he must start where he is.  Your walk with the Lord can begin, or improve, but you must begin from where you are now…




How might I be in danger of walking in the counsel of the wicked?

Do I find myself reading and delighting in God’s Word?

What fruit is God bearing in my life from the study of His Word


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